Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC is pleased to offer repair service for high-end (audiophile grade) vacuum tube and solid state consumer audio electronics. Also offered is a large menu of performance-enhancing modifications to CD/DVD/SACD players.

Repairs and mods generally are performed by the principal owner, Warren Gregoire who has been constructing and repairing both vacuum tube and solid state equipment since 1953. Warren was the first Chief Engineer of the American Broadcasting Company's San Francisco FM stereo radio station KSFX (formerly KGO-FM). It was under his supervision that a new studio facility and separate new dual (fully redundant) transmitter facility was constructed, during the 1970's. Warren is an avid music reproduction enthusiast, well versed in both analog and digital techniques.

Carry-in repairs are performed in our office/electronics lab suite, located in the Hallmark Center, Lafayette, California. Hallmark Center provides an ultra-secure environment for repair or modification of your prized audio electronics. Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC is licensed by the California Bureau of Electronic Repair, and proudly conforms to all attendant consumer protection policies.

Don't have time to carry in your repair during normal business hours? No problem, we are available to receive your equipment (or deliver a repaired unit) at our convenient Lafayette location, as late as 8pm, by appointment, even on weekends.

Clients who cannot carry in their repairs, due to distance and/or time constraints, may ship them to us from anywhere in the world, via common carrier. UPS, FEDEX, DHL, ON TRACK, USPS and others all serve our Lafayette, California location six days a week. Our firm has excellent packaging capabilities, helping to assure the safe return of your repaired or modified equipment.

Our company is factory authorized to perform both warranty and post warranty service for Primaluna amplifiers, preamplifiers and CD players.

Here is a summary of our rates, charges and repair policies:

  • Hourly Labor rate (Parts, as needed, are additional.): $90./hr.
  • In-home repairs, when necessary, also are charged at the above hourly labor rate which also applies to 2-way travel time.
  • Estimate Charge (Flat Rate.): $35.
  • (There is no charge to discuss a repair situation on the telephone, but an accurate cost estimate will require bench testing, at the rate shown above.)
  • Minimum Hourly Repair Charge (0.75hr): $68.

Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days, both parts and labor. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards as payment and PayPal for all repairs and modifications.

Limited Warranty for Electronic Repair Service:

Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC is pleased to offer a 90-day limited warranty on our electronic repairs, that cover both parts and labor. The parts warranty covers only the parts that we have installed, concurrent with the repair. It does not cover original parts, or replacement parts installed by others.

The labor warranty covers any additional repair that might be needed during the succeeding 90 days, even if it involves failure of parts that were not installed by our company. In the unlikely event that such a failure should occur, we shall bill the client only for the needed parts, and not for the labor to install them and test the unit.

This is the sole warranty provided, and no other warranties are expressed or implied. This warranty does not cover failures caused by misuse or abuse, or improper connection of the product to other equipment or inappropriate voltage sources. Incidental and/or consequential damages are specifically excluded by this warranty.

Warren Gregoire and Associates LLC is licensed by the California Bureau of Electronic Repair (BEAR), and adheres to its policies and regulations. Please phone us to discuss your repair needs at 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094.


Starting in 2001, Warren Gregoire & Associates began stocking and installing the very popular Vacuum State modifications to Sony SACD players. Today we offer exquisite sounding mod packages for Sony SCD-XA5400ES and Yamaha CD-S1000 and CD-S2000 players. The mod suite always includes the Vacuum State “Diamond Transistor” zero negative feedback direct couple audio output stage ($900) and either the TERRA FIRMA LITE internal master clock oscillator ($750) or the external UBER CLOCK ($2500). We are so sure you will love these mods, we offer a 100% 30-day money back guaranty on all, except for shipping charges.

Owners of previously modified Sony SCD-1, SCD-777ES, DVP-S9000ES are welcome to contact us for player or mod equipment maintenance, and in some cases further upgrades to these players are still possible today.

Please call us for mod equipment availability and current lead times. 510-282-9300 or 800-634-0094.


Ikonoklast speakers are made with thick genuine Mahogany veneer that is treated with a beautiful unsealed oil finish. The finish can be maintained with regular application of any high quality oil based furniture polish. There is also the possibility that minor scratches and abrasions can be sanded down and repaired, using time honored woodcraft techniques. The acrylic cabinet top may be cleaned with denatured alcohol, or popular glass cleaners.